We are a Public Entity, of Private Law, Non-Profit, whose corporate purpose is the development, promotion and realization of science, technology and innovation activities.


To reduce the technological gap of the country in the Defense Industry through the appropriation and generation of knowledge, technological development and through the integration of the public and private productive sector, universities and the state. All the above with social projection for the development of dual technologies that enhance national and territorial technological production.


To be recognized as a manager of the reduction of the technological gap in the Defense Sector industry, becoming the main supplier of technology solutions for it, seeking to occupy an important position in the Latin American market.

Main Office: Bogotá (Carrera 38 No. 25B - 27 Floors 3 - 4)

Secondary Office: Villavicencio (Avenida 40 No. 24A - 71 Piso 3)