CODALTEC along with DGSM will implement Phase I of the Information System, SALUD.SIS

The Directorate General of Military Health - DGSM - along with high-tech corporation - CODALTEC - are "on the verge" of implementing the solution - Health Care Vertical; which it was designed and developed entirely by Colombian engineers in the region of the eastern plains to the Military health's information system project .

This solution is designed to suit the needs of both hospitals and military health centers, and their officials and health professionals, Phase I of the solution will be implemented before the end of 2015. This software will be collecting and processing information electronically of clinical records in services and specialties including outpatient, emergency room, delivery room and hospitalization, as well as monitoring the drug supply.

With this project, the DGSM seeks to implement an information system for all the sub-health of the Armed Forces under a single platform. The impact and benefits translate, among others: Improving the quality and timing of user attention, depth and agility in medical consultation, systematization of the information provided in the patient's history to achieve a vision and integrated management their state of health, rapid construction of statistics to generate promotion and prevention plans; in short, the modernization of the health subsystem of the Armed Forces.

As part of the implementation phase of the solution, the team of Change Management module of DGSM, along with CODALTEC, is undertaking a process of cultural transformation to incorporate the solution; in order to positively impact to officials and health professionals from hospitals and military health facilities.

In parallel to this stage of modernization, renovation of infrastructure and provision of computers and networks for the proper functioning of the solution will be achieved, and the optimum development and implementation of subsequent phases of the project will be ensured, which will culminate in 2018.